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Reb Moshe Wajsbaum A"H

The Levaya for Reb Moshe Wajsbaum a"h, husband of Shiffy (nee Levi) father of Mrs. Tova Greenwood, Reb Sruly Wajsbaum, Mrs. Leah Miller Mrs. Sari Mordowitz, Mrs. Rachelli Sznicer and Esti Wajsbaum 'שיח will take place Sunday 13 Tishrei/ Sept 19 in The Bobov Bais Hamedrash at 9:30 AM.

( due to covid, access inside may be restricted )

The Kevurah will follow in Har Hamenuchos.

Shiva will be at the home of the niftar

142 Bannockburn Avenue

Since Reb Sruli will be travelling to EY with his father there will be no minyanim.


Sunday 1-5, 6-9

Monday Erev Succos 10-2

Tehay Nishmas Moshe Eliezer ben Yechezkel Shalom tzrurah btzror Hachaim


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