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R' Aaron Levine A"H

Levaya Information

The Levaya will take place graveside in The Agudah feld of Bathurst Lawn at approximately 4:45 this afternoon and will be streamed on Agudah channel B

Or call zoom line at 647 5580588

Zoom ID 6035501948/ 129129

Shiva Location

226 Carmichael Ave


Mrs. Chani Levine (Wife)

Yitzchak Gershon Levine (Son)

Chaim Levine (Son)

Shneur Dovid Levine (Son)

Rabbi Michoel Levine (Brother)

Reb Avrohom Levine (Brother)

Ralph Levine (Brother)

Nichum Aveilim

Limit of 5 people per visit

Please call 416-781-2291

Last Day of Shiva

Monday morning, January 25th after Schachris

Tehay Nishmas Reb Aron br Meir Tzrurah Btzror Hachaim


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