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Mrs. Naomi Hecht A"H

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Levaya Information

Levaya will take place graveside in The Bnai Torah section

of Pardes Shalom Cemetery

Sunday, January 31 - 18 Shevat 5781

Please follow the levaya at the link below


Wife of Rabbi Benjamin Hecht (who requires a refuah shleimah; include Harav Binyomin Chaim ben Zelda in your tefillos)

Mother of Dodi Lee, Mordechai, Tikva and Raziel.

Sister of Mrs. Leila Tenenbaum, Mrs. Chavi Rosenzweig , Mrs. Etti Levenstein and Mr. Avrum Rosensweig sheyechyu.

Nichum Aveilim

Further details to follow

Mrs Chavie Rosenzweig - 4165400819

Mrs. Leah Tenenbaum

Last Day of Shiva

Friday Afternoon, February 5th. Please note Mrs. Etti Levenstein will be getting up from Shiva on Thursday Morning and Mrs. Leila Tenenbaum will be getting up from Shiva on Wednesday Morning.


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